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100th anniversary
dinner photos

View all the wonderful photos taken at our 100th anniversary dinner. You can browse through all the photos and order prints directly from this site.

We don't go to the office, we build the office.

Whether you're already a union member, one of our esteemed officers or you're looking to become an iron worker, this site is information central. Members will find up-to-date event schedules,  directory access and access to events and meetings.

Anyone interested in becoming an iron worker, this site has all the information on how to become an Iron Worker. Of course, being proud of our heritage, we also showcase many of the extraordinary accomplishments our members have achieved over the past 100 years. Take a look around and come back as often as you like. You're the reason we're here. Click here to find out how to become an Iron Worker

Local Union and District Council Directory

Click here for Local Union information

Building the World Around You

Have you ever looked up at a towering city skyline and wondered, “Who built that?” What about while you were gazing at the expanse of the Golden Gate Bridge or the golden Tower Bridge? Ever thought about who built those?

Proud union iron workers built every one of those structures, along with just about every other kind of building, bridge or industrial structure you can name. That’s right -- every day, hardworking, dedicated iron workers put sweat, skill and savvy into the bridges that link us together; the stadiums, like the River Cats', where we watch our sports heroes play, and of course, the soaring towers that scrape the sky. We work among the clouds erecting the skeletons of structures; set steel rebar in concrete to reinforce structures; and ornament buildings with curtain wall and window wall systems. Iron working is a multi-faceted trade, led by professionals with skill sets that are always in demand.

When you're an iron worker you have the opportunity to help build the landmarks and shape the skylines of the future. It doesn't get much more gratifying than being able to stand back, admire your work and say, "I built that!"